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ACPaaS UI - Angular Components

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Antwerp City Platform as a Service User Interface (ACPaas UI) is a component interface library for building user interfaces and responsive web apps. It's designed to provide developers with functionality and UI/UX patterns that matches the Antwerpen styleguide.


This library is part of ACPaaS UI.

Name Framework Status
Schematics ES5+ acpaas-ui-schematics-github
Javascript ES5+ acpaas-ui-js-github
Angular Angular 6+ acpaas-ui-angular-github
React React 16+ acpaas-ui-react-github

Getting Started

Building packages

The following will build <packagename> and its example.

example=<packagename> npm run build:package

For example:

example=forms npm run build:package

Start a new Angular app.

npm install -g @angular/cli
ng new my-app --style=scss
cd my-app
npm install @acpaas-ui/ngx-components

Edit styles.scss to import the branding look & feel.

@import url('');

You can also modify index.html to reference the favicons for the city of Antwerp.

Then start using the components in your pages. Look at the component documentation below to learn how to use each component.

You can also add a branding-compatible flexbox grid layout system:

@import url('');

Note that you are free to use your own grid, as long as it meets our branding guidelines.

To learn more about using the branding look & feel, check the core branding guide. Note that the core branding contains the Antwerp logo and fonts, which are subject to a usage restriction. For use outside of apps for the city of Antwerp you can use acpaas branding instead.


Check out our live examples or visit the ACPaaS UI site.

This library contains the following components:

Name Description URL
agenda Calendar to display events Documentation
analytics Google Analytics integration Documentation
avatar User avatar icon Documentation
calendar Calendar to select dates Documentation
code-snippet Snippet of source code Documentation
context Set meta tags for SEO Documentation
flyout Reveal additional content Documentation
forms Assorted form fields Documentation
layout Assorted page layout components Documentation
localstorage Interface with localstorage Documentation
logo Logo icon Documentation
map Leaflet-based map Documentation
notifications Show user notifications Documentation
pagination Pagination control Documentation
progress-bar Progress bar control Documentation
selectable-list List control with selectable items Documentation
table Interactive table Documentation
utils Assorted helpers Documentation
user-menu User Menu providing login/logout Documentation
navigation-menu Generic navigation menu Documentation


Test automation

If you want to start automating your tests, you can have a look at our Test Automation Guide for some tips on how to use data-attributes to keep your tests stable and maintainable.

Cross Browser Testing

We are using Browserstack Live to make sure that our components work correctly on all major browsers and platforms.
The people at Browserstack kindly offer an unlimited testing program, free of charge for open source projects so a big thanks to them!

Browserstack logo


For questions and support please ask a question on the #acpaas-ui slack channel. If you're not yet a member of our DigAnt Café slack community, you can easily join here.

If you stumble across a bug or missing feature, feel free to report an issue. Please fill out the issue template completely when opening an issue. This will help us get to your issue sooner.


Detailed changes for each release are documented in the changelog.


Your contributions are most welcome as pull requests, both code changes and documentation updates. However, to keep a high quality standard, please make sure to read the Contributing Guide before making a pull request.

Thank you to all the people who already contributed to ACPaaS UI!



Copyright (c) 2016-present, Digipolis

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