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A tool for handling token-based authentication in react, redux, redux-saga applications.

It automatically refreshes an access token based on provided expiration timestamp, persists state, so the authentication session can last longer.

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$ yarn add @ackee/petrus

Stack Dependencies

@ackee/petrus requires a following peer dependencies:

 "core-js": "3.x",
 "react": "16.x | 17.x | 18.x",
 "react-redux": "7.x | 8.x",
 "redux": "4.x",
 "redux-saga": "1.x"

Usage examples

Authentication flows

  1. Direct authentication (with password)

    • Basic config
      • Obtaining tokens with authenticate method by sending credentials to an endpoint from loginRequest Redux action.
      • Fetching authorized user with getAuthUser method.
      • Automatically refreshing accessToken based on provided expiration prop.
      • Tokens and auth. user local persistence in IndexedDB.
      • Using custom TS types for auth user, tokens, and credentials.
  2. Federated authentication (with a token)

    • OAuth 2.0 – Authorization Code Flow

      What's an authorization code flow?

      • The front channel flow is used by the client application to obtain an authorization code grant.
      • The back channel is used by the client application to exchange the authorization code grant for an access token (and optionally a refresh token).
      • High security flow.
    • OAuth 2.0 – Implicit Flow

      What's an implicit flow?

      • An access token is returned directly from the authorization request (front channel only). It typically does not support refresh tokens.
      • This flow is also called 2 Legged OAuth.
      • Low security by default, make sure to follow at least these security rules.

    Of course, you can choose from any other numerous flows available.
    Learn more about OAuth flows in "What the heck is OAuth?" article.

Other examples

  1. Usage with @ackee/antonio API client




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