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    Session Storage Client

    This package offers a typed abstraction layer for interacting with the browser's sessionStorage through a generically typed TypeScript class, SessionStorageClient.

    🔧 Installation

    npm i @acctglobal/session-storage-client

    🖱️ Usage

    // Import the library
    import { SessionStorageClient } from '@acctglobal/session-storage-client';
    // Define the structure for what's to be stored
    interface ExampleInterface {
      prop1: string;
      prop2: number;
    // Create a new instance using the defined interface
    const exampleClient = new SessionStorageClient<ExampleInterface>('exampleKey');

    The exampleClient variable now has a couple of things going for you:

     * You can interact strictly with declared interface properties, and set
     * values strictly by their type, anything else results in a compile error
    exampleClient.setProperty('prop1', 'this is an example');
    exampleClient.setProperty('prop2', 2);
    // Nope
    exampleClient.setProperty('prop3', 2);
    // Nope²
    exampleClient.setProperty('prop1', 42);
    // Can't get data outside what you expect. "Prop1" is typed, by the way.
    const prop1 = exampleClient.getProperty('prop1');
    // You can also set the entire object
    let obj = {
      prop1: 'this is a string',
      prop2: 12
    } as ExampleInterface;
    // And, get the whole object as well
    const fullObject = exampleClient.getFullObject();
    // Wanna wipe everything clean? You got it!
    //Important reminder!!
    //Whenever you change the value of a storage an event will be triggered with the name of the sessionStorage Item
    //In this example, the key is exampleKey, so, to catch the changes on this sessionStorage item you can do the following:
    window.addEventListener('exampleKey', function () {
      //Do whatever you want here

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    npm i @acctglobal/session-storage-client

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