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Concerto UI Library

This library providers web UI components for models written in the Concerto Modeling Language.

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The Concerto Modeling Language is an object-oriented data description (schema) language, based on a textual domain-specific language.

How this project is structured


  • concerto-ui-core, includes the base visitor class and utility functions
  • concerto-ui-react, extends the base visitor to provide a ReactJS form
  • concerto-ui-react-demo, demo for Concerto UI

More Information

Concerto Modeling Language | https://github.com/accordproject/concerto

What does this do

  • Web-form Generator: A functional dynamic web component, that generates a web-form based on the fully-qualified name of a type from a Concerto Model. A sample web application that shows the dynamic web component in action.

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Getting started

If not already installed, install lerna

npm install -g lerna

Install all of the project's dependencies and build each of the components

lerna bootstrap
npm run build

Run the demo app and experiment with the form generator

npm run demo:react

Open http://localhost:8080 to view it in the browser.


npm i @accordproject/concerto-ui-react-demo

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