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Microsoft Teams UI Controls base component

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This is a React hook based on the Microsoft Teams JavaScript SDK and the Fluent UI components, which is used when generating Microsoft Teams Apps using the Microsoft Teams Yeoman Generator. This fork for Accord Cooperative excludes the Fluent UI React Northstar dependency.

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To use this package in a Teams tab or extension import the useTeams Hook and then call it inside a functional component.

const [{inTeams}] = useTeams();

The useTeams hook will return a tuple of where an object of properties are in the first field and an object of methods in the second.

NOTE: using the hook will automatically call microsoftTeams.initialize() and microsoftTeams.getContext() if the Microsoft Teams JS SDK is available.

useTeams Hook arguments

The useTeams hook can take an optional object argument:

Argument Description
initialTheme?: string Manually set the initial theme (default, dark or contrast)
setThemeHandler?: (theme?: string) => void Custom handler for themes

Available properties

Property name Type Description
inTeams boolean? true if hosted in Teams and false for outside of Microsoft Teams
fullScreen boolean? true if the Tab is in full-screen, otherwise false
themeString string The value of default, dark or contrast
context microsoftTeams.Context? undefined while the Tab is loading or if not hosted in Teams, set to a value once the Tab is initialized and context available

Available methods

Method name Description
setTheme(theme?: string) Method for manually setting the theme

Full example

Example of usage:

import React, { useState, useEffect } from "react";
import { useTeams } from "msteams-react-base-component";

 * Implementation of the hooks Tab content page
export const HooksTab = () => {
    const [{ inTeams, theme }] = useTeams({});
    const [message, setMessage] = useState("Loading...");

    useEffect(() => {
        if (inTeams === true) {
            setMessage("In Microsoft Teams!");
        } else {
            if (inTeams !== undefined) {
                setMessage("Not in Microsoft Teams");
    }, [inTeams]);

    return (

Additional helper methods

The package also exports two helper methods, both used internally by the useTeams hook.

getQueryVariable(name: string): string - returns the value of the query string variable identified by the name.

checkInTeams(): boolean - returns true if hosted inside Microsoft Teams.


Copyright (c) Wictor Wilén. All rights reserved.

Licensed under the MIT license.

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