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Tag Input

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Simple and accessible component for creating tags. Check out a demo page.


  • Tags can be added both manually and dynamically.
  • Fully accessible for keyboard and assistive technologies.
  • Cusomisable styles.

TagInput in action

Browser support

All modern browsers. IE11 is not supported.

Tested in

OS Browser Screen reader
macOS Safari VoiceOver
iOS Safari VoiceOver
Windows Chrome JAWS
Windows Firefox NVDA
Android Chrome Talkback



npm install @accessible-components/tag-input

Then import build/tag-input.min.js and build/tag-input.min.css from node_modules.

Static sites

Copy build/tag-input.min.js and build/tag-input.min.css to your project and include them in your HTML:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="./path/to/file/tag-input.min.css" />
<script src="./path/to/file/tag-input.min.js"></script>


git clone https://github.com/accessible-components/tag-input.git
cd tag-input/
npm install
npm start

Open http://localhost:8080/ in your browser to open the demo page.

Keyboard support

Once focused on the input field, following keyboard shortcuts are available:

Shortcut Input field Tag selected Action
ArrowLeft, ArrowRight Empty - Navigate through tags if they exist. Selected tag is visually highlighted as well as anounced for screen reader users.
Delete Empty No Deletes the last tag.
Enter Empty Yes Makes selected tag editable.
ESC Empty Yes Resets edited tag (before it saved) to the prevous state.
Enter, Tab Filled No Creates a new tag.

Some thoughts to Backspace key

Although, many similar tag input components use Backspace key for deleting tags (if an input field is empty), after testing TagInput with blind users we decided not to support this shortcut because of following reasons:

  • Many screen reader users once focused on the input field want to be sure that it's empty (often some sample text is already prefilled). For that instead of reading the content they simply delete it with Backspace key, so using this key for other actions may confuse screen reader users.

  • Some of the blind testers used devices with so called Perkins Style Braille Keyboard where SwipeLeft triggers Backspace, wich may cause unexpected behaviour.

For deleting tags use Delete key.


TagInput is fully accessible for a keyboard, screen readers and other assistive technologies. It was tested by people who use these technologies on everyday basis.


Create an empty element:

<div id="colors"></div>

Create TagInput instance:

const colors = document.getElementById('colors');

const colorsTagInput = new TagInput(colors, {
  tags: ['red', 'green', 'blue'],
  label: 'Colors',
  placeholder: 'Add colors',
  // other options

  onTagAdd: (tag, tags) => {
    // do something
  onTagRemove: (tag, tags) => {
    // do something
  onTagUpdate: (oldTag, newTag, tags) => {
    // do something

Custom styles

You can easily adjust TagInput styles.

TagInput in action

To change colors you can simply update following CSS custom variables:

.tag-input {
  /* input */
  --text: inherit;
  --bg: #fff;
  --bg-disabled: #f9f9f9;
  --border: rgba(121, 121, 121, 0.23);
  --border-hover: rgba(121, 121, 121, 0.4);
  --border-focus: rgba(45, 146, 255, 0.7);
  --border-focus-light: rgba(190, 221, 255, 0.5);

  /* tag */
  --tag-text: #164172;
  --tag-bg: #e5f1ff;
  --tag-border: #e5f1ff;
  --tag-remove-button: transparent;
  --tag-remove-icon: #2e91fd;


See all CSS properties in tag-input.css.

To update other styles (paddings, margins etc.), you may simply override css styles. TagInput has following HTML structure:

<div class="tag-input-container">
  <label class="tag-input-label">Colors</label>
  <div class="tag-input">
    <div class="tag-input__tag">
      <span class="tag-input__text">red</span> <!-- Shown -->
      <input class="tag-input__edit" /> <!-- Hidden -->
      <button class="tag-input__remove">
        <svg class="tag-input__remove-icon">...</svg>
    <div class="tag-input__tag tag-input__tag--editable">
      <span class="tag-input__text">green</span> <!-- Hidden -->
      <input class="tag-input__edit" /> <!-- Shown -->
      <button class="tag-input__remove">
        <svg class="tag-input__remove-icon">...</svg>
    <div class="tag-input__tag">
      <span class="tag-input__text">blue</span> <!-- Shown -->
      <input class="tag-input__edit" /> <!-- Hidden -->
      <button class="tag-input__remove">
        <svg class="tag-input__remove-icon">...</svg>
    <input class="tag-input__input" placeholder="Add colors" />


Option Type Default Description
tags String[] [] Tags provided on initialization.
prefix Type tag-input Unique prefix for class names and IDs inside the component.
disabled Boolean false disabled attribute for the input element. Also makes tags not editable.
name String tag-input name atribute for the input field to be accessed on form submit.
placeholder String Add tags placeholder attribute for the input element.
label String Tags Label text.
hiddenLabel Boolean false Hides the label visually, but keeps it accessible for screen readers.
onInit Function undefined Runs after tag input init. Parameters: tags (list of tags).
onTagAdd Function undefined Runs after a new tag was added. Parameters: tag (added tag), tags (list of tags after adding).
onTagUpdate Function undefined Runs after a tag was updated. Parameters: oldTag (a tag before update), newTag (a tag after update), tags (list of tags after updating).
onTagRemove Function undefined Runs after a tag was removed. Parameters: tag (removed tag), tags (list of tags after removing).
ariaTag String Tag {{TAG}}. Adds aria-label to the tag element.
ariaEditTag String Edit tag. Adds label text to the editable tag.
ariaDeleteTag String Delete tag {{TAG}}. Adds aria-label to the tag delete button.
ariaTagAdded String Tag {{TAG}} added. Will be pronounced to screen reader users after a new tag was created.
ariaTagUpdated String Tag updated to {{TAG}}. Will be pronounced to screen reader users after a tag was updated.
ariaTagDeleted String Tag {{TAG}} deleted. Will be pronounced to screen reader users after a tag was deleted.
ariaTagSelected String Tag {{TAG}} selected. Press enter to edit, delete to delete. Will be pronounced to screen reader users after a tag was selected (by bavigating with arrow keys).
ariaNoTagsSelected String No tags selected. Will be pronounced to screen reader users after a selected tag was unselected (by clicking on ESC key, for example).
ariaInputLabel String {{TAGS}} tags. Use left and right arrow keys to navigate, enter or tab to create, delete to delete tags. Will be pronounced to screen reader users once the input element is focused.

Options with prefix aria add ARIA attributes to some elements with instructions and other valueable info for screen reader users. ARIA text is not visible.

Please keep placeholder text such as {{TAG}} or {{TAGS}} as it is. It will be replaced with proper text.


Method Argument Return Description
addTag String undefined Adds a new tag. No duplicates allowed.
removeTag String undefined Removes a tag if it exists.
getTags - String[] Gets the tag array.


Everyone is welcome to contribute.

  • If you found a bug or have an idea how to improve the component, please submit an issue.
  • You may test our component on different devices and give us your feedback.

Ideas for the next features

  • Min/max tags specified vis options.
  • Custom tag validation before addTag
  • Tag autocomplete
  • Custome remove tag icon provided via options.
  • Translate ARIA and other text and provide downloadable JSON files with translations.



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