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Widgets Utils

Collection of useful functions for AB Tasty Widgets.


Inside your Widget folder, install the widget-utils library:

npm install @abtasty/widget-utils

Note: you can also use yarn instead of npm: yarn add @abtasty/widget-utils


With Webpack or Rollup.js:

import { waitForElement, isAffected } from '@abtasty/widget-utils';

const waitForBody = waitForElement('#section', (section) => {
	section.insertAdjacentHTML('beforeend', '<p>New paragraph at the end of that section.</p>');

setTimeout(() => {
	if (!isAffected()) {
}, 10000);

Link this local project to a local widget project

Using NPM Link (recommended)

When you have installed and build your locally project :

  1. run in a terminal : npm link in your widget-utils folder
  2. in your widget local folder you want to test this project, run in a terminal : npm link @abtasty/widget-utils
  3. build your widget project, then build editor project.

Using symlink

First, install your widget-utils, copy the path of the project. Then, In your local widget project :

  • after a npm install, delete the folder /node_modules/@abtasty/widget-utils
  • with your terminal, navigate to the folder /node_modules/@abtasty/
  • run the bash command :
ln -s {your path to widget-utils project folder} widget-utils

A symlink has been created in your widget project, with the folder: /node_modules/@abtasty/widget-utils


Generating fonts.js File

The fonts.js file in this repo is exposing the Google Fonts from ABTasty CDN (which is populated by this repo: https://gitlab.com/abtasty/turfu/common-fonts)

Any changes in the common-fonts repo must follow the font regeneration here.

To regenerate the fonts.js file,

  • run the following command in the root of this repo:
yarn run generateFonts
  • And commit the file
  • Create the merge request
  • Seek at least one approval from fellow frontend developers or nautilus team
  • Merge the MR

Releasing this repo

Once the MR is approved, follow the following steps:

  • Release this repo on npm with npm publish
  • Merge the repo




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