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    👑 test-npm-app 👑

    FreeCodeCamp/Help FreeCodeCamp/Help FreeCodeCamp/Help FreeCodeCamp/Help FreeCodeCamp/Help FreeCodeCamp/Help FreeCodeCamp/Help FreeCodeCamp/Help

    this is a very short single line description of the package matching the description in the package.json file and github short repo description with not more than 120 characters

    • Must be less than 120 characters.
    • Must start with >
    • Must be on it's own line.
    • Must match the description in the packager manager's description field.
    • Must match GitHub's description (if on GitHub).

    (optional) A very long description of the package with a not so long sentence. It may extend to 2-3 paragraphs

    Covers the main reasons for building the repository

    "This should describe your module in broad terms, generally in just a few paragraphs; more detail of the module's routines or methods, lengthy code examples, or other in-depth material should be given in subsequent sections.

    Ideally, someone who's slightly familiar with your module should be able to refresh their memory without hitting "page down". As your reader continues through the document, they should receive a progressively greater amount of knowledge."

    🏁 Table of Contents

    Must be at least 3 level deep i.e. capture atleast upto heading 1, 2 and 3.

    👮 Security

    (optional) Add any security vulnerability relevant data if applicable

    💼 Background

    • Cover motivation if not already specified in "Long Description".
    • Cover abstract dependencies.
    • Cover intellectual provenance: A See also section is also fitting.

    ☁️ Installation

    $ npm install --global test-npm-app-cli # npm i -g test-npm-app-cli
    $ npm install --save test-npm-app # npm i -S test-npm-app

    🔗 Dependencies

    (optional) A brief description of notable dependent packages

    📡 Updating

    (optional) How to update and update instructions

    • Link to prerequisite sites for language. [npmjs][], [godocs][], etc.
    • Include any system-specific information needed for Installation.
    • Subsection for dependencies needed for install to work.

    🚀 Usage

    import testNpmApp from 'test-npm-app'
    // OR
    var testNpmApp = require('test-npm-app');

    💻 CLI

    $ test-npm-app --options --flags --help


    🔩 Extras

    • Include background info if not specified in background section
    • Include security related info if not specified in security section


    Describe exported functions and objects.

    • Describe signatures, return types, callbacks, and events.
    • Cover types covered where not obvious.
    • Describe caveats.
    • If using an external API generator (like go-doc, js-doc, or so on), point to an external file. This can be the only item in the section, if present.

    🚤 Examples

    List of examples

    👥 Contribute

    • State where users can ask questions.
    • State whether PRs are accepted.
    • List any requirements for contributing; for instance, having a sign-off on commits.
    • Link to file -- if there is one.
    • Link to the GitHub issues.
    • :bowtie: Link to Code of Conduct. This is often in Contribute, or organization wide, so may not be necessary for each module.

    🏥 Help & Support

    Add links for getting help and support about this project.

    👪 Contributors

    This project follows the all-contributors specification.

    🏆 Sponsors

    List of sponsors

    Sponsoring mediums such as Patreon, etc.

    📝 License

    MIT © Abhisek Pattnaik


    💕 Related Projects

    List of related projects

    👻 Author

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