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    An addon which makes building complex applications using Ember.js easier.


    The ember-app addon adds a multitude of functionality to an Ember.js app:

    Advanced styling and SCSS mixins

    A variety of scss mixins enable easy styling of advanced user interfaces.

    Application versioning

    Use automatic application versioning functionality to detect when there is an update to your single-page Ember.js application. This functionality is available using either an automatically generated version file, or using a service worker.

    Service worker configuration

    Easily cache assets using a service worker, and enable offline usage of your Ember.js application. The service worker is configured automatically, enabling automatic service worker installation, update detection, and cache activation.

    Progressive Web App customisation

    Automatically enable progressive web app features in your Ember.js application, including theme specifications, icons, startup images, and web-app manifest creation.

    3rd party metrics services integration

    Automatic integration with Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Heap Analytics, Mixpanel, and Intercom, enable advanced 3rd party integration for usage detection in your Ember.js application.

    Custom Moment.js library integration

    Make use of custom Moment.js library integration using ES6 module imports. Extended functionality allows for detecting weekdays and weekends, workdays, and holidays.

    Advanced user-interface elements

    Use a variety of advanced elements to get the most out of your Ember.js application. Elements include charts, code editors, right-click menus, dropdown menus, droppable areas, scalable iframes, gravatars and initials, LQIP viewport-detecting images, modal windows, element popups, and tags.

    Advanced handlebars helpers

    A variety of handlebars helpers enable advanced functionality directly inside the templating language. Helpers include action helpers, array helpers, dom helpers, event helpers, format helpers, keyboard helpers, logic helpers, maths helpers, object helpers, promise helpers, routing helpers, scrolling helpers, sorting helpers, string helpers, and time helpers.

    Built-in Electron integration

    Easily serve, build and deploy an Electron application using built-in Ember CLI commands. The addon automatically detects when running in Electron, enabling automatic update detection, installation, and restarting, and ES6 Electron module integration.


    ember install @abcum/ember-app


    Visit the documentation site for more information on how to use the addon when developing an Ember.js app.


    See the contributing guide for details on how to develop and contribute changes to ember-app.


    This project is licensed under the MIT License.



    npm i @abcum/ember-app

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