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    New Relic Netlify Plugin

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    Automatically track your builds, mark your deployments, and install the browser agent with this New Relic Netlify Plugin.



    Use file-based installation to install the plugin by modifying your netlify.toml

    package = "@aaronbassett/newrelic-netlify-plugin"


    You can control much of the plugin's settings via environment variables or in your netlify.toml.

    package = "@aaronbassett/newrelic-netlify-plugin"
        failBuildOnPluginError = false
        newrelicAccountId = "123456"
        newrelicLicenseKey = "12345678901234567890"
        newrelicAppId = "123456789"
        newrelicApiKey = "1234567890QWERTYUIOP"
        newrelicBrowserLicenseKey = "POIU-0987654321"
        enableBrowserMonitoring = true
        onPreBuild = false
        onBuild = false
        onPostBuild = false
        onEnd = false
    Name Description Default Value
    failBuildOnPluginError Fail the whole build if the plugin has an error true
    newrelicAccountId New Relic Account ID (required for event tracking & browser monitoring) undefined
    newrelicLicenseKey New Relic Ingest License Key (required for event tracking) undefined
    newrelicBrowserLicenseKey New Relic Ingest License Key (required for event tracking) undefined
    newrelicAppId New Relic APM App ID (required for deployment marking & browser monitoring) undefined
    newrelicApiKey New Relic User Key (required for deployment marking) undefined
    setDeploymentMarkers Set this to to false to disable deployment marker creation true
    setDeploymentMarkersForPreviews Set this to true if you want to create deployment markers for deploy previews false
    recordEventsForPreviews Set this to true if you want to record events for deploy previews false
    skipEvent.onPreBuild Set this to true to skip recording onPreBuild custom events false
    skipEvent.onBuild Set this to true to skip recording onBuild custom events false
    skipEvent.onPostBuild Set this to true to skip recording onPostBuild custom events false
    skipEvent.onSuccess Set this to true to skip recording onSuccess custom events false
    skipEvent.onError Set this to true to skip recording onError custom events false
    skipEvent.onEnd Set this to true to skip recording onEnd custom events false
    enableBrowserMonitoring Attempt to inject the browser monitor script tag into any HTML pages false
    enableBrowserMonitoringForPreviews Set this to true if you want to enable browser monitoring for deploy previews false
    distributedTracingEnabled Enable distributed tracing for browser requests true
    cookiesEnabled Enable cookies for browser monitoring true
    deployMarkerRevisionTemplate eploy marker UUID structure (EJS string) true

    Deployment Tracking

    The plugin will automatically track each deployment in New Relic. It will also provide a detailed ChangeLog to help you see at a glance what has changed between deployments. Modify the deployMarkerRevisionTemplate to change the revision UUID using EJS templates.

    Deployment Tracking Interface in New Relic One

    Custom Events

    Track each successful build (and failure) with custom events.

    New Relic One graphing custom Netlify events

    Realtime Feedback in Netlify

    Get a quick overview of the actions the plugin has performed, without ever leaving Netlify. Once a build has completed your deploy summary is populated.

    Netlify deploy summary listing New Relic Plugin actions

    Error Checking

    The plugin can identify many common configuration problems, and provides you detailed information on what needs to be changed.

    New Relic Netlify plugin error checking


    npm i @aaronbassett/newrelic-netlify-plugin

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