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    Enhance vanilla image of the responsive and ability on error.

    增强 img 标签的自适应和错误占位能力。

    how to use

    import React from 'react'
    import {render} from 'react-dom';
    import NuImg from "@_nu/react-img";
    function Demo() {
        return (
                <h2>react-img Demo</h2>
                <p>Enhance the responsive of the vanilla image.</p>
                <h3>⬇️ img Vallina ⬇️</h3>
                <NuImg width={60} height={80} alt="bookCover" src="https://placem.at/places?w=120&h=160"/>
                <NuImg circle width={60} height={60} alt="avatar" src="https://placem.at/places?w=120&h=120"/>
                <NuImg width={60} height={80} src="./error.png" alt="bookCover"/>
                <h3>⬇️ img custom errorBg ⬇️</h3>
                <NuImg errorBg width={60} height={80} src="./error.png" alt="bookCover"/>
                <NuImg errorBg="#dddddd" width={60} height={80} src="./error.png" alt="bookCover"/>
                <h3>⬇️ img responsive ⬇️</h3>
                <NuImg responsive width={60} height={60} src="https://placem.at/places?w=300&h=300" alt="bookCover"/>
                <h3>⬇️ img responsive y ⬇️</h3>
                <NuImg responsive="y" width={60} height={40} alt="bookCover" src="https://placem.at/places?w=200&h=400"/>
                <h3>⬇️ img responsive x ⬇️</h3>
                <NuImg responsive="x" width={80} height={70} alt="bookCover" src="https://placem.at/places?w=400&h=200"/>
    export default Demo;

    Vanilla Img Api

    props 类型 默认值 功能
    src string required img src
    alt string required img alt
    width string, number required img width
    height string, number required img height

    Just the img api but the width and height is required.

    Enhance Api

    props 类型 默认值 功能
    errorBg base64Url, color 8*8 base64 transparent png 图片加载失败显示
    circle bool false img border-radius:100%
    responsive bool,'x','y' false 图片是否自适应


    • false: render img directly;
    • true: img stretch fill the box;
    • x: img width:100%; height:initial;;
    • y: img height:100%; width:initial;;


    npm i @_nu/react-img

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