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    5 Calls React Component Library

    This repository holds standard React components used in the 5 Calls project.

    Project installation and Build

    Install dependencies

    Install dependencies from npm using the command:

    npm install

    Build this library

    Build the library into the lib folder using:

    npm run build

    Publish this library to npm

    Build the library and then run the following command:

    npm publish

    Make sure you bump the version number in package.json before you publish an update to the package.

    Once the module is published in npm, you can use the components in this module in another project by running the following command:

    npm install --save @5calls/react-componets

    Link this project to local npm

    To setup an npm link that allows you to use these components locally without installing the npm package run the following from this project's root folder:

    npm link

    There is no need to run npm link repeatedly if an edit is made to this project. You just need to run the build to make any changes in this code available to a project that uses these components.

    Setup a local application to use linked components from this project

    Reference the linked project to a local React application by running the following in the project's root folder:

    npm link @5calls/react-components

    To add this project's components to a React jsx or tsx file use an ES2015 import statement. For instance to add the Faq component use the following import:

    import { Faq } from '@5calls/react-components';


    • Add more components
    • Add local CSS styling


    npm i @5calls/react-components

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