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My personal preference files "dotfiles" for Linux. Feel free to look around, and fork it if you want.



The vimrc file is my configuration file for the Vim text editor, adding a bunch of functionality and making vim look a lot nicer by importing a variety of open source plugins. The current state of the repo is exactly how I have my editor configured on all my devices.

The vimrc configuration can be installed as a standalone project with the following command (requires curl):

curl -fLo ~/.vimrc --create-dirs https://raw.githubusercontent.com/4U6U57/dotfiles/master/vimrc

Updating vimrc is done with the vim command :VimrcUpdate or by pressing F12 in Normal mode. More information can be found by opening the vimrc file and reading the comments.

Full Installation

Full installation of this repository as is is NOT RECOMMENDED for most, if not all, users. This repo includes the dotbot installer as a submodule, so installation is relatively painless and non-destructive, requiring only one command and only exporting files that do not currently exist in your system. However, this installs everything in my dotfiles repo, and most of the stuff here will probably not interest you. It is better to view the contents of the repo (either through the GitHub website, or by cloning it) and then making appropriate changes to your own setup.

If you would still like to install the whole shebang (which I highly suggest against), you can do so by running:

git clone https://gitlab.com/4U6U57/dotfiles ~/bin/dotfiles && ~/bin/dotfiles/install

Better yet, I highly recommend checking out dotbot and either forking the dotfiles-template repo or using the init-dotfiles script to import your existing dotfiles, and create your own dotbot powered dotfiles repo.

Libraries/Standards Used

Feedback and Other Questions

I am always looking for ways to streamline my process and make my config even better. Free free to drop by our Gitter chat room (linked above) for any questions/suggestions. You can also post a GitHub issue for specific bugs.

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