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    This is a lightweight module to generate API keys and tokens used by 4Players ODIN.

    4Players ODIN is a cross-platform software development kit (SDK) that enables developers to integrate voice and video chat technology into multiplayer games.


    graph TB
      RandomBytes[Random Bytes] --> AccessKey;
      AccessKey --> PublicKey;
      AccessKey --> SecretKey;
      PublicKey --> KeyId;


    import { TokenGenerator } from "@4players/odin-tokens";
    const accessKey = "<YOUR API KEY HERE>";
    const generator = new TokenGenerator(accessKey);
    const token = generator.createToken("my room", "john doe");
    console.log(`generated a new token: ${token}`);


    Term Description
    AccessKey Gives access to the ODIN network for a customer. It is a 44 character long Base64-String, which consists of a version, random bytes and a checksum.
    SecretKey Generated from the AccessKey, it is based on the Ed25519-Curve and used to sign a Token generated by the customer.
    PublicKey Generated from the AccessKey, it is based on the Ed25519-Curve and must be uploaded to 4Players so that a generated Token can be verified.
    KeyId A shortened PublicKey, included in Token, making it possible to identify what PublicKey must be used to verify the Token.
    Token A JWT given to the game clients that allows them to connect to a voice/video chat room in the ODIN network.


    npm i @4players/odin-tokens

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