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    Expo Template

    It only works after sketch init.



    1. UI -> React Native -> Expo
    2. Test -> Jest
    3. DataFlow -> Redux
    4. AutoPack -> CircleCi
    5. Router -> React Navigation


    1. Redux -> Redux Saga -> @360node/xxx
    2. SDK -> Mock
    3. Style -> Styled-Components(Bugs Here on web, wait for fix)
    4. Some params in the expo need to be fixed by sketch init command.

    Guide Line

    Pre Actions

    1. Install Xcode and Android Studio
    2. Register on expo
    3. Register for apple developer(For iOS only)
    4. Register for Android key? (Need to be confirmed)
    5. Install Expo on iOS and Android for testing on mobiles
    6. Install expo-cli by npm install -g expo-cli or yarn global add expo-cli

    How to run

    1. yarn
    2. yarn start then do as the promotion.
    3. You can make actions such as Run on iOS simulator or Run on Android device/emulator

    How to run as ios

    1. Run yarn start:ios then iOS simulator will start.
    2. Find Expo app on iOS simulator and open it.
    3. Open your app in Expo and you will find the page.

    How to run as android

    On your phone
    1. Install expo on your android phone
    2. Toggle your android phone debugger mode to on.
    3. Plug your android phone to your computer.
    4. Run yarn start:android.
    5. Open expo on your phone and start develop.
    On the emulator
    1. Open Android Studio and init
    2. Open Config => AVD
    3. Install a new virtual device
    4. Start emulator
    5. Click Run on Android device/emulator
    6. Open expo on emulator and start developing

    How to test

    Run yarn test


    Need to set two params.

    1. EXPO_USERNAME username of expo
    2. EXPO_PASSWORD password of expo


    We rely on Expo to build packages.


    You can go to Expo Documents to have a detailed look.




    npm i @36node/template-expo

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