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CLI for creating node CLI app with Typescript support .

NPM Build Status JavaScript Style Guide


Eazy to create a CLI app .

Typescript Support for source code development .

Eazy to Release and Publish your CLI app .


  • [x] Easy-to-use CLI
  • [x] Handles all modern JS features
  • [x] Rollup for bundling
  • [x] Babel for transpiling
  • [x] Jest + testing-library for testing.
  • [x] TypeScript Only
  • [x] Sourcemap creation
  • [x] lint-staged support
  • [X] Conventional commit by git-cz
  • [X] standard-version support by npm run release
  • [X] Format on Save ( Vscode Editor )
  • [X] Travis CI & Code coverage by custom configration

Install globally

This package requires node >= 10.

npm install -g @21epub/create-ts-cli-app

Usage with npx ( Recommand )

No need to create an empty folder before running.

npx @21epub/create-ts-cli-app

(npx comes with npm 5.2+ and higher, see instructions for older npm versions)

Creating a New CLI APP


Answer some basic prompts about your app, and then the CLI will perform the following steps:

  • copy over the template
  • install dependencies via yarn or npm
  • initialize local git repo

At this point, your new app is ready and is all setup for local development.


Now, anytime you can keep on developing

npm start # start bundle and watch your dev code  

Then, you can run your CLI

node . # -> node ./dist/index.js  

Commit Method Recommandation

npm run commit # lint before commit can save your time , and then conventional commit with git-cz

Publishing to npm

npm run release # Version and changelog
git push --follow-tags origin master
npm publish # The `prePublishOnly` hook will run before publish to build and test your package

This builds commonjs of your module to dist/ and then publishes your module to npm.


MIT © 21epub

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