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    This is a Node.js module that can be used to interact with a Busware CUL (USB), COC (RaspberryPi), SCC (RaspberryPi) or CUNO running culfw. With CUL/COC/SCC/CUNO and culfw many RF devices can be controlled, like FS20, MAX!, temperature sensors, weather stations and more. See the full list of supported Devices.


    This module provides a thin abstraction for the serial port or telnet communication with CUL/COC/SCC/CUNO/CUNO2 and lightweight parse and command wrappers. It's intended to be used in different Node.js based Home Automation software.


    based on the work of Rudolf Koenig, Author of culfw and fhem (both licensed under GPLv2)


    npm install cul

    var Cul = require('cul');
    var cul = new Cul();
    // ready event is emitted after serial connection is established and culfw acknowledged data reporting
    cul.on('ready', function () {
        // send arbitrary commands to culfw
    cul.on('data', function (raw) {
        // show raw incoming messages


    • connectionMode (default: "serial") possible values:
      • serial (CUL/COC/SCC)
      • telnet (CUNO/CUNO2)
    • serialport (default: "/dev/ttyAMA0")
    • baudrate (default: 9600)
    • mode (default: "SlowRF")
      possible values:
      • SlowRF (FS20, HMS, FHT, EM, ...)
      • MORITZ (MAX! devices)
      • AskSin (HomeMatic devices)
    • parse (default: true)
      try to parse received messages
    • init (default: true)
      auto send "enable datareporting" command when connection is established (depends on chosen mode)
    • coc (default: false)
      has to be enabled for usage with COC), changes default baudrate to 38400 and default serialport to /dev/ttyACM0
    • scc (default: false)
      has to be enabled for usage with SCC), changes default baudrate to 38400 and default serialport to /dev/ttyAMA0
    • rssi (default: true)
      receive rssi (signal strength) value with every message (works only if init and parse are both true)
    • debug (default: false)
      log every command which is send in the console
    • repeat (default: false)
      disable repeat message filtering in culfw, that means report each of the (repeated) packets of a message
    • host (no default value)
      the IP-Address of CUNO (has to be set when using telnet mode)
    • port (default: 2323)
      the port of the telnet server
    • networkTimeout (default: true)
      enabling sending keep alive signals to the telnet server

    pass options when creating a new cul object:

    var Cul = require('cul');
    var fs20 = new Cul({
        serialport: '/dev/ttyACM0',
        mode: 'SlowRF'
    var max = new Cul({
        serialport: '/dev/ttyACM1',
        mode: 'MORITZ'


    • close( )
      close the serialport connection
    • write(raw, callback)
      send message to cul. writes directly to the serialport
      optional callback is passed through to serialport module and is called with params (err, res)
    • cmd(protocol, arg1, arg2, ..., callback)
      generate a command and send it to cul (see chapter "predefined commands" below)
      optional callback is passed through to serialport module and is called with params (err, res)


    • ready
      called when serialport connection is established and (if init is true) datareporting is enabled
    • close
      called when serialport connection is closed
    • data(raw, obj)
      called for every received message
      • raw string, contains the raw message received from cul
      • obj object, contains parsed message data (see "data parsing" below)
    • error(exception)
      called when serialport or tcp connection is returning an error

    Sending commands

    Raw commands


    cul.write('F6C480111'); // Raw command

    Predefined commands

    (until now only FS20 and FHT is implemented)


    Take a look at the file lib/fs20.js - it exports a function cmd(housecode, address, command, time, bidi, res)


    cul.cmd('FS20', '2341 2131', '1112', 'on'); // house code in ELV-Notation, address in ELV-Notation, command as text
    cul.cmd('FS20', '6C48', '01', '11');        // house code as hex string, address as hex string, command as hex string

    (these examples result in the same message as the raw command example above.)

    Data parsing

    The 2nd param obj of the data event contains a object representation of the parsed data.

    Each object has the following attributes:

    • protocol
      FS20, EM, HMS, WS, MORITZ, ...
    • address
      a unique address in this protocol
    • device
      device type name
    • rssi
      radio signal strength value (only present if option rssi is true)
    • data
      a object with the parsed data


    Sample output of

    cul.on('data', function (raw, obj) {
        console.log(raw, obj);


    F6C480011E5, {
        protocol: 'FS20',
        address: '6C4800',
        device: 'FS20',
        rssi: -87.5,
        data: {
            addressCode: '6C48',
            addressCodeElv: '2341 2131',
            addressDevice: '00',
            addressDeviceElv: '1111',
            extended: false,
            time: null,
            bidirectional: false,
            response: false,
            cmdRaw: '11',
            cmd: 'on'


    E020563037A01000200EC, {
        protocol: 'EM',
        address: '0205',
        device: 'EM1000-EM',
        rssi: -84,
        data: { seq: 99, total: 31235, current: 1, peak: 2 }


    K1145525828, {
        protocol: 'WS',
        address: 1,
        device: 'S300TH',
        rssi: -28,
        data: { temperature: 24.5, humidity: 58.5 },

    Moritz (MAX!)

    V 1.66 CSM868 { data: { culfw: { version: '1.66', hardware: 'CSM868' } },
      protocol: 'MORITZ',
      rssi: -22 }
    Z0C000442113AD30C4F0D001CB41D { data:
       { len: 12,
         msgcnt: 0,
         msgFlag: '04',
         msgTypeRaw: '42',
         msgType: 'WallThermostatControl',
         src: '113ad3',
         dst: '0c4f0d',
         groupid: 0,
         payload: '1CB41D',
         desiredTemperature: 14,
         measuredTemperature: 18 },
      protocol: 'MORITZ',
      address: '113ad3',
      device: 'WallMountedThermostat',
      rssi: -59.5 }
    Z0E0002020C4F0D113AD3000119001C1E { data:
       { len: 14,
         msgcnt: 0,
         msgFlag: '02',
         msgTypeRaw: '02',
         msgType: 'Ack',
         src: '0c4f0d',
         dst: '113ad3',
         groupid: 0,
         payload: '0119001C1E',
         dstDevice: 'WallMountedThermostat' },
      protocol: 'MORITZ',
      address: '0c4f0d',
      rssi: -59 }
      Z0B4F06300E3F3C1234560012F7 { data:
       { len: 11,
         msgcnt: 79,
         msgFlag: '06',
         msgTypeRaw: '30',
         msgType: 'ShutterContactState',
         src: '0e3f3c',
         dst: '123456',
         groupid: 0,
         payload: '12F7',
         isopen: 1,
         unkbits: 4,
         rferror: 0,
         batterlow: 0,
         battery: 'ok' },
      protocol: 'MORITZ',
      address: '0e3f3c',
      device: 'ShutterContact',
      rssi: -78.5 }


    T4C5300AA00E3 { protocol: 'FHT',
      address: '4c53',
       { cmdRaw: '00',
         addressCode: 7683,
         cmd: 'actuator',
         valueRaw: '00' },
      rssi: -88.5 }
    T4D3F286924E2 { protocol: 'FHT',
      address: '4d3f',
       { cmdRaw: '28',
         addressCode: 7763,
         cmd: 'sat-from1',
         valueRaw: '24',
         value: '6:00' },
      rssi: -89 }

    Until now for these devices data parsing and/or a command wrapper is implemented:

    protocol device should work tested
    FS20 all Devices
    HMS HMS100T
    HMS HMS100TF
    EM EM1000(-EM, -GZ, -WZ)
    WS S300TH
    MORITZ HeatingThermostat
    MORITZ WallMountedThermostat
    MORITZ ShutterContact
    MORITZ PushButton
    Uniroll All Devices
    FHT FHT80b
    ESA ESA1000
    ESA ESA2000

    More can be added easily: take a look at the files in the directory lib/ and find your inspiration on

    Pull requests welcome!

    further reading


    • configurable serialport auto reconnect
    • more data parser modules
      • MORITZ (MAX!) (inprogress)
      • ESA
      • HMS: HMS100WD, RM100-2, HMS100TFK, HMS100MG, HMS100CO, HMS100FIT
      • ...
    • more command modules
      • MORITZ (inprogress)
      • ...
    • more tests

    Pull requests welcome! 😄



    Licensed under GPLv2

    Copyright (c) 2014-2020 Sebastian Raff and Contributors


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