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    Eleventy Plugin: Object-Fit Focal Point

    An Eleventy Nunjucks shortcode to provide the functionality of generating an image's object-position value in order to keep the focal point in view. Test drive the results by using the utilty app.

    This shortcode works in combination with the CSS property object-fit which makes an img act as it's own container. When assigned the value of cover, the image behaves similar to background-size: cover.

    Unfamilar with object-fit? Check out my 2 minute free egghead video >

    The shortcode uses the sharp package resize API to determine the focal point of an image with Shannon entropy. It then applies the calculated point as a percentage based on the image's aspect ratio as the value of object-position. When your image container is resized, the focal point is less likely* to be cropped out of view.

    For best results, an aspect-ratio should be similar to the natural image orientation. For example, 5/3 for an image naturally 1024x768 will have better results than for an image 600x1200.

    * Entropy is imperfect and you may not achieve the desired results with every image, particularly with strong light/dark areas.


    Install the plugin:

    npm install @11tyrocks/eleventy-plugin-objectfit-focalpoint

    Then, include it in your .eleventy.js config file:

    const objectFitFocalPoint = require("@11tyrocks/eleventy-plugin-objectfit-focalpoint");
    module.exports = (eleventyConfig) => {

    Required Image Styles

    For the shortcode to fully work, you will need to include the following styles for the related images. The default class is image which can be changed by passing a new string to imageClasses within the plugin config.

    .image {
      /* Required */
      object-fit: cover;
      /* Recommended but not required */
      display: block;
      max-width: 100%;
      /* Optional: Force images to fill their parent container's width */
      width: 100%;

    Using the Shortcode

    Because the shortcode is async, it is only available for Nunjucks. If you typically write in Markdown, you can add the following to your frontmatter to be able to use both:

    templateEngineOverride: njk, md

    To use the shortcode, pass in an image path and optionally width and height values, or an aspect ratio.

    // Local file - must start with `/`
    {% objectFitFocalPoint image="/img/my-image.png", ratio="4/3" %}
    // External file - must begin with http or https
    // ⚠️ Note that the extra processing may slow down your build
    {% objectFitFocalPoint image="", width="400", height="300" %}

    Note: It's recommended to always pass in width and height since browsers now create space while the image loads based on the expected aspect-ratio created from those values. This helps alleviate jumping of page content, and improves your Cumulative Layout Shift Core Web Vitals score.

    Config Options

    Option Type Default
    defaultAspectRatio string '5/3'
    defaultWidth int 800
    defaultHeight int 480
    imageClasses string 'image'
    siteInputPath string '.'

    At minimum, you may need to update the siteInputPath if you have customized your input directory within your Eleventy config. This value should not end with /.

    Here's an example if your input directory is src:

    eleventyConfig.addPlugin(objectFitFocalPoint, {
      siteInputPath: "./src",

    New to Eleventy?

    Check out my additional resources at 11ty.Rocks


    npm i @11tyrocks/eleventy-plugin-objectfit-focalpoint

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