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    This package holds the code for the react wrapper over the core SDK. An easy way to use the store, actions and notifications are provided via React hooks. Some other hooks are also provided for ease of use which wrap over the primitive ones. If someone is using class based react components, they'll be better off with using the core sdk directly.

    If you're already using hooks from hms-video-react, this package will be a drop in replacement. hms-video-react is planned to be deprecated so please move your code to using this package instead.

    Primitive Hooks

    These are hooks wrapper over the sdk things.

    • useHMSStore - to get any state from store
    • useHMSActions - hmsActions to perform any actions
    • useHMSNotifications - to receive any new notifications/error for the room
    • useHMSVanillaStore - return the store object directly to be used in non react context
    • useHMSStatsStore - to get webrtc related stats

    Developer Guidelines

    The core is in HMSRoomProvider, there is one major limitation right now that only one room can be joined at a time.

    If adding a new hook or working on a previous one, do keep in mind of the below things -

    • don't assume anything on how, when or the frequency at which the hook will be called, every hook should have well-defined and documented input/output interfaces and should be subscribing to bare minimum things needed to accomplish its job.
    • use useCallback to create any function which will be returned by the hook and subsequently called by the UI.
    • no errors should be swallowed by the hook, if a function call can give error, take an explicit handleError to call.
    • make sure to use await for async calls, else try catch won't have an effect
    • Pull all usage of hooks on top before defining any functions.
    • Prefer IDs to objects for both input arguments and in result object. This facilitates writing optimised code on the app layer, as objects are prone to change leading to unnecessary re renders on different levels.

    TODO Planned Hooks

    Breakout Rooms

    function useBreakoutRoles({filter: regexOrArray, filterOut: regexOrArray}) {
            allRoles, // all breakout roles options for this user
            switchToRole() // takes in a role name

    Waiting Room

    On the guest side who joins a waiting room -

    // onconfirm if role change is not forced, fn returns true/false
    // onapprovval - use this to play a tone maybe
    function useWaitingRoom({waitingRoomRole, postApprovalRole, onApproval}) {
            isConfirmationPending, // boolean, true when role change is not forced
            confirmOrDeny(confirm) // pass in true or false

    On the host side who needs to see who is in waiting room and let them in.

    function useWaitingRoomApprover({waitingRoomRole, postApprovalRole, approverRoles: []}) {
            approvePeer = (peerID, ask) // force role change to postApprovalRole




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