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IMPORTANT: Deprecated

Note that this library is deprecated and is no longer actively maintained, if you're starting a new project please use @100mslive/react-sdk, our quickstart guide should help you in getting up quickly. For already existing projects, if you're not using any UI components and only using the hooks, you can simply replace all occurence of "@100mslive/hms-video-react" with "@100mslive/react-sdk" after installing the latter. We're also actively working on a UI package "@100mslive/react-ui", currently in alpha for helping with headless and styled components.

100ms React SDK

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Create beautfiful custom applications using 100ms' React SDK.

This library currently provides is composed of two pieces -

  1. hooks which interface with our sdk for easily using with functional components. More details here.
  2. UI components for common use cases - video tile, preview etc. Note that these components are on path of deprecation and we don't recommend their use as a library. We're actively working on a new UI components library which will provide improved flexibility and ease of use.

Install using

npm install --save @100mslive/hms-video-react@latest

For detailed documentation visit our documentation page




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