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Options for lerna sub-commands that need filtering

Install lerna for access to the lerna CLI.


--scope <glob>

Include only packages with names matching the given glob.

$ lerna exec --scope my-component -- ls -la
$ lerna run --scope toolbar-* test
$ lerna run --scope package-1 --scope *-2 lint

Note: For certain globs, it may be necessary to quote the option argument to avoid premature shell expansion.

--ignore <glob>

Exclude packages with names matching the given glob.

$ lerna exec --ignore package-{1,2,5}  -- ls -la
$ lerna run --ignore package-1  test
$ lerna run --ignore package-@(1|2) --ignore package-3 lint

More examples of filtering can be found here.


Exclude private packages. They are included by default.

--since [ref]

Only include packages that have been updated since the specified ref. If no ref is passed, it defaults to the most-recent tag.

# List the contents of packages that have changed since the latest tag
$ lerna exec --since -- ls -la

# Run the tests for all packages that have changed since `master`
$ lerna run test --since master

# List all packages that have changed since `some-branch`
$ lerna ls --since some-branch

This can be particularly useful when used in CI, if you can obtain the target branch a PR will be going into, because you can use that as the ref to the --since option. This works well for PRs going into master as well as feature branches.


Include all transitive dependents when running a command regardless of --scope, --ignore, or --since.


Include all transitive dependencies when running a command regardless of --scope, --ignore, or --since.

Used in combination with any command that accepts --scope (bootstrap, clean, ls, run, exec). Ensures that all dependencies (and dev dependencies) of any scoped packages (either through --scope or --ignore) are operated on as well.

Note: This will override the --scope and --ignore flags.

i.e. A package matched by the --ignore flag will still be bootstrapped if it is depended on by another package that is being bootstrapped.

This is useful for situations where you want to "set up" a single package that relies on other packages being set up.

$ lerna bootstrap --scope my-component --include-filtered-dependencies
# my-component and all of its dependencies will be bootstrapped
$ lerna bootstrap --scope "package-*" --ignore "package-util-*" --include-filtered-dependencies
# all packages matching "package-util-*" will be ignored unless they are
# depended upon by a package whose name matches "package-*"



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