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    Moving a different direction, published too soon as open source.


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    8fold Web Assets

    8fold Web Assets is an extension and derivation of the US Web Design system being developed and maintained by the fine folks over at 18F (and the broader community) as an effort to improve the quality of websites produced by the Federal Government. They are working very hard to define accessible HTML patterns and an elegant style. It is definitely a project we watch and contribute to whenever possible.

    The web assets consist of the US Web Design system for base styles, images, and JavaScript. We also include Font Awesome for rapid prototyping of icons, our own images, and JavaScript. And, of course, defining some of our own HTML patterns that maybe aren't suited for the US Web Design system (our primary navigation, for example).

    If you have questions regarding a component, you can probably go to the US Web Design system and learn more about it.


    npm i 8fold-web-assets

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