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A wrapper for the Foursquare API


A node.js wrapper for the Foursquare API.

$ npm install 4sq
var Foursquare = require('4sq');
var fsq = new Foursquare({
  token: 'OAuth2 access_token'
fsq.checkins('self', {limit: 5}, function(error, data) {
  if (error) {
    throw new Error(error);
Foursquare = require '4sq'
fsq = new Foursquare token: 'OAuth2 access_token'
fsq.checkins 'self'limit: 5(error, data) ->
  throw new Error error if error
  console.log data

Grab latest source code and install all dev dependencies

$ npm link

Change your host, client id, client secret in examples/ and after that run examples/

$ coffee examples/
  • user(user_id[, params], callback)
  • checkins(user_id[, params], callback)
  • badges(user_id[, params], callback)

By default user_id set to self.

The MIT License, see the included file.