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    Install from npm

    npm install

    and then

    var sendSMS = require('');
    sendSMS ({
        username: "account's username",
        password: "account's password",
        number: "account's number",
        recipient: ["09131234567", "09361234567"] // Or just "09131234567"
        message: "SMS's content",
        port: 10, // If you don't know what you're doing leave it out for it's default 0 value
        flash: false
    }, function (err, res) {
        if (err)
            console.log("Error happened in sending SMS.");
            console.log("SMS sent successfully");

    If you want to use this package synchronously get help from packages like deasync.

    What is flash option?

    A flash SMS message is an SMS message that, instead of being stored in the SIM or memory of the receiving phone, pops-up on the receiving phone’s screen, without the user taking any action. When dismissed the message is usually gone.

    What are callback function's parameters


    The first parameter (err) indicates whether any error happened or not.
    If err is 0 then everything is OK and your request for sending SMS has successfully sent and service API has sent successful response.
    If it's lower than zero then it's SMS service's error and codes are defined in 2972.ir_API_Manual.pdf (PDF document is in Persian language).
    If it's not number then it's request package's error. (See it's documentation for more details)


    The second parameter (res) is request package's response. (See it's documentation for more details)**

    Why this documentation is in English, why not in Persian?

    While the service is an Iranian service and therefore it's website and all of it's documentations are in English (At the time of writing), I decided to write this README file in english because github does not support Persian language in markdown READMEs very well and also I think nowadays almost all Iranian developers know (and if not, should know) English.
    But feel free to translate this README to Persian or 2972.ir_API_Manual.pdf to English or or to edit this README. You're just a pull request away from this to happen!


    npm i

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