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2SAT is a restricted version of the boolean satisfiability problem where the number of variables per clause is at most 2. Works both in node.js and in the browser using browserify.


var twoSat = require("2-sat")
//Solve problem: 
//    (x1 | !x2) & (x3 | x1) & (x3 | x2) 
console.log(twoSat(3, [[1, -2], [3, 1], [3,2]]))


require("2-sat")(numVariables, clauses)

Finds a satisfying assignment for a 2SAT problem written in conjunctive normal form. If no assignment is possible returns false.

  • numVariables is the number of variables
  • clauses is a list of binary clauses. Variables are indexed in clauses starting at 1 and negative values indicate negation.

Returns A vector of assignments to the variables of the clause. If problem is not satisfiable, returns false


(c) 2013 Mikola Lysenko. MIT License