Work With 1Password Keychains

Cloud Keychain for Node.js (v0.1)

This is a small library to make it easy to work with 1Password's .cloudKeychain files.

This implementation is based on the official Agile Bits documentation and also the python library OnePasswordPy.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I am not in any way affiliated with AgileBits, the makers of 1Password. Their software is awesome and you should probably go buy it. Please don't sue me!

Currently supported:

  • Unlock keychain using Master Password
  • Load items from band_*.js files
  • Unlock item overview, keys and details
  • Create keychains and items


  • Find out how to calcuate the HMAC of items correctly
  • Actually do something with item data (instead of just handing back the raw JSON)

Install via NPM:

npm install 1passwordjs

Then require it:

Keychain = require('1passwordjs')
keychain = new Keychain()

Tests are written using Mocha. To run the tests

mocha --compilers coffee:coffee-script tests

This work is licensed under the ISC license.