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    CycloneDX Node.js Module

    The CycloneDX module for Node.js creates a valid CycloneDX Software Bill-of-Materials (SBOM) containing an aggregate of all project dependencies. CycloneDX is a lightweight SBOM specification that is easily created, human and machine readable, and simple to parse.


    Node.js v12.0.0 or higher



    npm install -g @cyclonedx/bom

    Getting Help

    $ cyclonedx-node -h
    Usage: cyclonedx-node [options] [path]
    Creates CycloneDX Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) from Node.js projects
      path                        Path to analyze
      -v, --version               output the version number
      -d, --include-dev           Include devDependencies (default: false)
      -l, --include-license-text  Include full license text (default: false)
      -o, --output <output>       Write BOM to file (default: "bom.xml")
      -t, --type <type>           Project type (default: "library")
      -ns, --no-serial-number     Do not include BOM serial number
      -h, --help                  display help for command
    Environment variable BOM_REPRODUCIBLE causes bom result to be more consistent
    over multiple runs by omitting time/rand-based values, and sorting lists.

    Example (default: XML)


    Example (XML)

    cyclonedx-node -o bom.xml

    Example (JSON)

    cyclonedx-node -o bom.json

    Usage with docker

    Run cyclonedx/cyclonedx-node docker image inside your project folder using:

    docker run --rm \
      -v "$PWD":/src \
      -w /src \
      cyclonedx/cyclonedx-node -o /src/bom.xml

    All options explained above are supported.

    CycloneDX Schema Support

    The following table provides information on the version of this node module, the CycloneDX schema version supported, as well as the output format options.
    Use the latest possible version of this node module that is the compatible with the CycloneDX version supported by the target system. Or use the CycloneDX CLI Tool to convert to older specification versions as required.

    Version Schema Version Format(s)
    3.*.* CycloneDX v1.3 XML/JSON
    2.*.* CycloneDX v1.2 XML/JSON
    1.1.* CycloneDX v1.1 XML
    1.0.* CycloneDX v1.0 XML


    Feel free to open issues, bugreports or pull requests.
    See the CONTRIBUTING file for details.

    Copyright & License

    CycloneDX Node Module is Copyright (c) OWASP Foundation. All Rights Reserved.

    Permission to modify and redistribute is granted under the terms of the Apache 2.0 license. See the LICENSE file for the full license.


    npm i @cyclonedx/bom

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