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Sr. Service Reliability Engineer

Who we are

npm is the world’s largest software repository, with 11 million users and over 24 billion software package downloads every month. The mesh of microservices and data sources that comprise the npm registry is complex, interesting, and critical to the daily work of millions of JavaScript programmers. Our software and systems are constantly in flux as we adapt to nearly exponential growth. We need you to help us with this never-ending, always-changing task.

What you'll do

Can you learn quickly? Are you compassionate and productive? Are you self-motivated? Are some of your favorite topics log rotation and scaling distributed infrastructure? — regardless of experience, if you answered yes, this role could be an excellent fit for you. In this role, you will have both the freedom and the responsibility to make a significant impact on our systems.

You’ll get the chance to:

  • contribute to many of npm’s open source infrastructure projects
  • work on automating our operations and configuration
  • improve existing infrastructure, replacing existing systems with greenfield work
  • evolve our systems to scale for the load we expect to see next year, not merely the load we’re handling today
  • investigate problems and discover the right tools to solve them

What we value

Our services team values analysis, communication, action, sustainability, and reflection. We work collaboratively to find the best solutions to problems. We write constantly about our work, both to improve our own thinking about it and to communicate with one another. We focus on tools and processes that support our work rather than on individual heroics. Because the team is small, we also value flexibility, scrappy problem solving, and continual process improvements. We handle the largest package repository in the world, and take that responsibility seriously. If we don’t fix it, nobody else will. Your work at npm will make every JavaScript developer in the world faster and happier.

Our code of conduct

npm exists to facilitate sharing code, by making it easy for JavaScript module developers to publish and distribute packages. npm is a piece of technology, but more importantly, it is a community. We believe that our mission is best served in an environment that is friendly, safe, and accepting; free from intimidation or harassment. We do not tolerate abusive behavior. See our unabridged code of conduct here.

Why you should join

In joining the npm team, you'll become an important part of a small but dedicated engineering team. We strive to provide a sensible balance between work and non-work, and we allow you to define your own schedule. We also understand that healthy schedules lead to better outcomes. To help ensure this balance we have contracted support night coverage so we don't interrupt anyone's sleep.

We believe that high-performing teams include people from different backgrounds and experiences who can challenge each other's assumptions with fresh perspectives. To that end, we actively seek a diverse pool of applicants, including those from historically marginalized groups — women, people with disabilities, people of color, formerly incarcerated people, people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and/or gender nonconforming, first and second generation immigrants, and people from low-income families.

Where we can hire

Our headquarters are in Oakland, California. The services team is hiring worldwide remote humans. We can best support you if you can overlap with US timezones. We currently have members located across the US, the UK, and Poland. If you have experience working remotely, so do we. We cannot currently sponsor new work visas other than TN-1s, but we can transfer existing H-1Bs.

Apply For This Job

Closing date for this position: Friday August 31, 2018.

About npm

npm, Inc. maintains the npm package manager for JavaScript and hosts the world’s largest software registry. Our technology has been embraced by millions of developers worldwide for client- and server-side applications as diverse as IoT, mobile development, financial services, and aerospace. More than 30,000 companies, including the BBC, DocuSign, IBM, SiriusXM, Slack, and Visa, rely on npm’s products and services to reduce developer friction and build amazing things.

npm’s mission is to take Open Source development to entirely new places. When everyone else is adding force, we work to reduce friction.

npm is not a typical product, and we are not a typical early-stage “work hard/play hard” startup. We are responsible adults with diverse backgrounds and interests, who take our careers and our lives seriously. We believe that the best way to iterate towards success is by taking care of ourselves, our families, our users, and one another.

We aim for a sustainable approach to work and life, because that is the best way to maximize long-term speed, while retaining clarity of vision. Compassion is our strategy.

Our offices are in Oakland, California. We offer very competitive salaries, meaningful equity, and generous health, dental, and vision benefits. We love it when you represent us at conferences.


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