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Senior Account Executive.

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npm, Inc. is the company behind npm, used by millions of Javascript developers and by companies like Google, PayPal, Uber, Twitter, Dropbox, Tesla, Adobe, Amazon and thousands of others every day to build great web applications faster.

npm is expanding its enterprise-focused offering to give businesses enhanced security and control over applications they build using open source components. Typical sales opportunities for these products range from $10,000 to over $100’s of thousands per year.

This position reports to the VP of Sales.

Closing date for this position is: Friday, March 30th 2018.

About npm

npm, Inc. maintains the npm package manager for JavaScript and hosts the world’s largest software registry. Our technology has been embraced by millions of developers worldwide for client- and server-side applications as diverse as IoT, mobile development, financial services, and aerospace. More than 30,000 companies, including the BBC, DocuSign, IBM, SiriusXM, Slack, and Visa, rely on npm’s products and services to reduce developer friction and build amazing things.

npm’s mission is to take Open Source development to entirely new places. When everyone else is adding force, we work to reduce friction.

npm is not a typical product, and we are not a typical early-stage “work hard/play hard” startup. We are responsible adults with diverse backgrounds and interests, who take our careers and our lives seriously. We believe that the best way to iterate towards success is by taking care of ourselves, our families, our users, and one another.

We aim for a sustainable approach to work and life, because that is the best way to maximize long-term speed, while retaining clarity of vision. Compassion is our strategy.

Our offices are in Oakland, California. We offer very competitive salaries, meaningful equity, and generous health, dental, and vision benefits. We love it when you represent us at conferences.


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