Severity: high

    Code Injection



    Versions of js-yaml prior to 3.13.1 are vulnerable to Code Injection. The load() function may execute arbitrary code injected through a malicious YAML file. Objects that have toString as key, JavaScript code as value and are used as explicit mapping keys allow attackers to execute the supplied code through the load() function. The safeLoad() function is unaffected.

    An example payload is { toString: !<,2002:js/function> 'function (){return}' } : 1 which returns the object { "1553107949161": 1 }


    Upgrade to version 3.13.1.


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    Advisory timeline

    1. published

      Advisory Published
      Apr 15th, 2019
    2. reported

      Reported by Alex Kocharin
      Apr 10th, 2019