Severity: low

Reflected Cross-Site Scripting



Affected versions of redis-commander contain a cross-site scripting vulnerability in the highlighterId paramter of the clipboard.swf component on hosts serving Redis Commander.

Mitigating factors: Flash must be installed / enabled for this to work. The below proof of concept was verified to work using Firefox 57.0 on Windows 10 by manually installing the Flash NPAPI Windows plugin

Proof of concept



No direct patch for this vulnerability is currently available.

At this time, the best mitigation is to use an alternative, functionally equivalent package, or to use extreme caution when using redis-commander, ensuring that redis-commmander is the only web page you have open, and avoiding clicking on any links.

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Advisory timeline

  1. published

    Advisory published
    Jan 23rd, 2018
  2. reported

    Initial report by Yasin Soliman (ysx)
    Jan 23rd, 2018