Severity: high

    Prototype Pollution



    A prototype pollution vulnerability has been found in object-path <= 0.11.4 affecting the set() method. The vulnerability is limited to the includeInheritedProps mode (if version >= 0.11.0 is used), which has to be explicitly enabled by creating a new instance of object-path and setting the option includeInheritedProps: true, or by using the default withInheritedProps instance. The default operating mode is not affected by the vulnerability if version >= 0.11.0 is used. Any usage of set() in versions < 0.11.0 is vulnerable.


    Upgrade to version >= 0.11.5.

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    Advisory timeline

    1. published

      Advisory Published
      Oct 19th, 2020
    2. reported

      Reported by Alejandro Romero
      Oct 19th, 2020